siaban was created in 2016 - and launched in 2018, by head designer and founder of the brand Billy Siaban.

the concept was to create high end pieces, that are focused on design and fit and made with the best fabrics sourced globally and locally.  taking inspiration from everywhere as well as Billy siaban's personal style, siaban is building its own aesthetic and style through use of premium fabrics, clean silhouettes and layering to create an overall look.

Head designer and founder of the brand, Billy siaban aims to create high quality designed clothing, mixing street style with evening wear that takes classic pieces and is reinterpreted through new fabrics, silhouettes and techniques.  

Each "volume" by siaban is focused on high quality materials, designs and textures, which is the central theme for each collection. it is  about exploring and developing a series of ideas and inspirations, you can see the evolution and development of ideas as each collection is developed.